Scott Barbee

Scott Barbee



CrossFit Level 2

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coach


FMS Level 1

About Coach

From the start of his health and fitness journey when he first found CrossFit in 2007, all the way up to the present day, Scott has always loved the CrossFit community. This community has so many great people who care about their health and wellness and others around them. Being involved with a group of like-minded people was familiar to him, and what drew him to the CrossFit community. Scott was involved with scouting and Eagled in 2003 and played many team sports growing up. From being a competitive soccer player from 5 years old through college, getting into CrossFit and finding Olympic Weightlifting and being ranked in the top 15 in the US at the height of competition, experiencing endurance as a triathlete for several years, training in mixed martial arts, and now owning and running a gym, health and fitness have always been at the forefront of his life.

Turning Point

There was a short time however that partying and having fun became more important to Scott than anything else. From 18-24, he was a smoker, drank heavily, stayed up late, got up late, ate terribly, and did whatever he thought was "fun" at the time. With no consideration for health and wellness, he muddled through life just getting by. At the time he was graduating college he thought to himself, “Where is my life going?” It was then that he looked into exercise and fitness again and found CrossFit. The rest as they say is history!

Motivation & Passion

Knowing that there is someone out there teetering on the edge of being healthy and unhealthy I would like to be the resource or factor that tips them in the right direction. Letting people know that there are so many ways to find a healthier, happier life and it's not as crazy as some make it seem, while not as easy either, all anyone needs is someone to believe in them and the resources to make those changes.

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